100% Environmentally Friendly!
Products for safer disinfection of all plumbing and drainage systems
  • Ground-breaking technology!
  • Quickly removes all biofilm!
  • Extremely efficient!
  • 100% Ecological!
  • More economical!
  • Easy to use!
  • Security!
  • Genius!

The disinfection agent Oxyl-Pro® is the world’s most environmentally friendly, efficient and targeted. The product eliminates bacteria in their growth areas (organic materials) by oxidation. Residual products are just water and oxygen which makes it possible to use the product anywhere and release it directly.

Oxyl-Pro consists of gel encapsulated hydrogen peroxide which ensures that the product is a lot more efficient and targeted compared to regular hydrogen peroxide even in low concentrations. Oxyl-Pro quickly and safely eliminates legionella and other bacteria alongside removing organic material on all possible applications.