Oxyl-Pro Agro is designed for use in agriculture and horticulture, for both disinfection of water systems and as a supplement for improved plant growth when used with Organo Fertiliser.

Oxyl-Pro Agro is a unique disinfectant that can be used in buildings such as greenhouses and water irrigation distribution systems. It is also highly effective as a hard surface no-rinse disinfectant and for misting (fogging) in areas where complete disinfection of the area is required.

Applications for Oxyl-Pro Agro:

  • Shock treatment to remove biofilms.
  • Continuous dosage after shock treatment.
  • Disinfection of empty greenhouses (fogging or spraying).
  • Hard surface cleaning and disinfection.

Biofilm is a collection of bacteria that attracts other bacteria and can block water lines while it protects the bacteria against biocides. With continuous dosing after shock treatment you will get clean water. The water will also flow better through the system at lower pressure. Oxyl-Pro Agro can also be used more directly against plants before and after harvest. Testing in several countries shows stronger plants with longer lifetime after harvest.

Oxyl-Pro Agro consists of food grade quality ingredients, and will not affect food safety when used correctly. The product is approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet), and is NSF/ANSI 60 certified.

Advantages of Oxyl-Pro Agro

  • Helps keeping the amounts of pathogens low.
  • Effective removal of biofilms.
  • Can be combined with Organo Fertiliser to get better growth in all types of plant based agriculture.
  • Removes both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungus, spores and viruses.
  • Highly effective even in low concentrations.
  • Is environmentally friendly, degrades to water and oxygen.
  • Not harmful to bees.
  • Is made with food safe ingredients and will not leave smell, taste, odour or change the appearance when used correctly.
  • Operates in temperatures: 0 – 90°C, and active at pH: 2-10.


Oxyl-Pro Agro “opens” the soil which then gives plants the space to grow deeper and be better rooted. This is especially evident in places where the soil gets very compacted, for example on a football pitch.
A test was done on the home pitch for Winsford United and 1874 Northwich FC outside Manchester in England.
In combination with Organo Fertiliser the soil and grass improved considerably.
In the season 2015/2016 21 matches were postponed due to waterlogging, halfway through the 2016/2017 season (autumn-winter) only 1 match had been postponed due to waterlogging, on the same day all matches in the area were postponed for the same reason.