Oxyl-Pro De-Slime is a food safe formulation manufactured specifically to remove slime and fats from fish before processing.

Removal of the slime layer is essential for producing safe and high-quality fish products. Increased bacteria growth occurs if the slime layer remains on the fish. This can lead to food-poisoning for those who consume the fish. Listeria monocytogenes is common and dangerous bacteria which Oxyl-Pro De-Slime can prevent. Usually removing slime from the fish is done mechanically. This can damage the fish, give an unappetizing appearance and potentially spread existing bacteria in the slime layer.

When using Oxyl-Pro De-Slime, the process of de-sliming fish can be done fast and effective only with access to a water bath, or slow when the fish is in a cool storage. Removal of slime with Oxyl-Pro De-Slime leads to better hygiene in the whole process area. The equipment used in the process will have less slime and pollution from bacteria. In combination with disinfecting with Oxyl-Pro Clean the whole production facility can be kept clean from bacteria.

Oxyl-Pro De-slime is manufactured from food safe ingredients, and will not add taste, smell or colour with correct usage. The product line of Oxyl-Pro is approved by Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet), and Oxyl-Pro De-Slime is approved in the EU through the Directive No. 95/2/EC.

Advantages of Oxyl-Pro De-Slime

  • Removal of the slime layer without mechanical processing.
  • Prevents Listeria monocytogenes.
  • Can be used rapidly when the fish needs to be completed fast, or slowly in a cold storage room with the product applied on the fish.
  • Avoids mechanical de-sliming and thereby damage to the fish resulting in improved processing plant hygiene.
  • The fish will not be damaged in the de-sliming process and the product will not leave any odour, colour or taste.
  • Consists of food grade ingredients, and do not affect the food safety.
  • Environmentally friendly and degrades to oxygen and water.