Oxyl-Pro Descaler & Sanitiser

Oxyl-Pro Descaler & Sanitiser is an all in one product based on the standard Oxyl-Pro
formulation with an added descaling agent. This allows the user to perform descaling
and sanitising in one process. It is effective against Legionella and removes biofilm.

Examples of uses of Oxyl-Pro Descaler & Sanitiser is cleaning and disinfecting of shower heads and beer lines. This product is more effective then other types of cleansers.

It effectively removes scale and everyday deposits whilst eliminating biofilms and killing bacteria, including Legionella. When the product is used correctly at the recommended levels its non-corrosive.

It can help save cost when cleaning beer lines, the frequency of cleaning can be reduced. Oxyl-Pro Descaler & Sanitiser contains only food grade ingredients.

Advantages of Oxyl-Pro Descaler & Sanitiser

  • Has a mild and long-lasting effect.
  • Eliminates Biofilms.
  • Effective against Legionella, EN 13623:2010.
  • Operates in temperatures: 0 – 90°C and pH range 2-10.
  • One drum treatment; no need to use separate products.
  • Has no smell or colour at the recommended dose rates.
  • Can be used on sanitary ware and plumbing fittings.
Is an airborne infection. It infects when you breathe in small fine water particles (aerosols). These can come from cooling towers, showers, jacuzzi and such.
The legionella bacteria thrive very well in biofilm, which is a product of bacteria that sticks on a surface (inside of pipes), and attracts new bacteria, virus, fungus and other pathogens.
This is an underreported disease in Norway. You can develop pontiac fever which can resemble a flu/cold or Legionnaires’ disease which can have a fatal outcome.