Oxyl-Pro Pollo has been developed for use in the poultry industry. It assists in keeping the drinking water lines to the birds clean and free from harmful bacteria. Oxyl-Pro Pollo contains only food-safe ingredients and the product is approved by Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) and is NSF/ANSI 60 certified.

Often the birds water supply can be neglected since a lot is happening on the farm. This can affect the poultry, the finances of the farm and humans that eat the meat. A lot of the bacteria, virus, fungi and other pathogens that is harmful for the birds and humans occurs in the water supply first, e.g. avian flu and campylobacter.

It can be detrimental to the birds if you have a bad water supply where it tastes and smells wrong, and biofilm is clogging the pipes. They will drink less, and generally develop worse health. It is recommended to first do a shock treatment to disinfect the water system and remove potential biofilm growth. Then continuous dosing of the water is necessary to sustain the quality of the drinking water for the birds.

Advantages of Oxyl-Pro Pollo:

  • Contains food grade ingredients. It will never affect the food safety when the product is used according to the instructions.
  • Can be used as a shock treatment of the system, and as continuous dosing in the system.
  • It is environmentally friendly, and degrades naturally to oxygen and water.
  • No change in taste, smell or appearance of the water, which leads to the birds drinking more.
  • The poultry will use its time to grow instead of wasting energy fighting infections that comes from polluted drinking water.
  • Due to the formulation there will never be any kind of pathogenic resistance to the product.
  • Operates in temperatures 0-90°C and pH range 2-10.
  • 99.99999% effective against campylobacter, EN 1276:2009 (phase 2, step 1).


Experiences from a Norwegian poultry farmer, after using Oxyl-Pro Pollo for the first time:
Better disinfection of equipment and the building when using Oxyl-Pro Pollo in the misting system, and as a spray.
Better health of the poultry, and better utilization of the feed by the chicken.
The size of the chicken increased approximately with 50g per chicken.
Have saved money on feed, since the poultry utilize it better.