Oxyl-Pro Rind-Off is specially designed to remove the rind (coating) off the cheese during production. The removal of cheese rind is essential for producing safe and high-quality cheeses products.

If the rind layer is not removed properly the product can become susceptible to bacterial growth during storage.

The traditional way to remove the rind off the cheese is to soak the cheese in hot water for weeks. Then, each cheese is flushed with hot water and stored. Disadvantages with that method is high energy consumption, with no guarantee that all the rind is removed. The cheese gets a rough surface and unnecessary proteins and fats gets flushed away in the process. It also creates a perfect place for bacterial growth when stored for long amount of time in hot water.

Advantages of Oxyl-Pro Rind-Off

  • Easily removes the rind off the cheese.
  • Potential water savings – uses less water than traditional methods of rind removal.
  • The cheese gets an even surface.
  • Prevents contamination of the cheese.
  • Environmentally friendly formulation which degrades to oxygen and water.