The environmentally friendly and less irritating alternative for disinfection of jacuzzi, hot tubs and small swimming pools.

Oxyl-Pro Sanitiser is developed for use in jacuzzi, hot tubs and similar facilities.

Normally in pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis the water will be disinfected with chlorine. The problem with this is that chlorine can lead to unfortunate reactions with human physiology. Examples of this are dry skin, red irritated eyes, or the worst-case scenario: severe allergy reactions with direct contact or inhalation of chlorine gas. Questions are being raised globally about what the massive use of chlorine, and how it impacts the environment.

The number one environmentally friendly alternative to replace chlorine as a disinfectant is Oxyl-Pro Sanitiser. The unique formulation is based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide using only food safe ingredients. The product degrades to water and oxygen. The disinfected water will be free of unpleasant taste and odours. When using Oxyl-Pro Sanitiser the relaxing feeling you get from a bath in the hot tub, will not be destroyed of irritated skin and red eyes that chlorine is the culprit of.

Advantages of Oxyl-Pro Sanitiser

  • Keeps the water clean with no irritating effects on the skin and/or eyes.
  • The product is made from food safe ingredients, and is safe to ingest if the product has the correct user concentration.
  • No odour or taste.
  • Operates in temperatures from 0-90°C.
  • Long term effective.
  • Non-allergenic.
  • Degrades to oxygen and water, does not require specific measures to get rid of.
  • More environmentally friendly then other products on the market.