Oxyl-Pro is a unique product which is totally different form other stabilized hydrogen peroxide products. It is 100% environmentally friendly and it only uses food safe ingredients in the production process. It degrades to oxygen and water, and does not contain silver or any other heavy metals. Oxyl-Pro is the result of many years research and development. It is a great alternative to silver stabilized hydrogen peroxide.

Oxyl-Pro is stabilized with a gel, and with its unique and complex formulation it destroys microorganisms and removes biofilm fast and effective. This formulation uses hydrogen peroxide as an active disinfectant, it is encapsulated in a gel that only activates and opens during contact with specific biological markers. This leads to the hydrogen peroxide only releases to places when and where it is necessary.

The importance of this encapsulation process appears in several points:

  • Increased effect due to a powerful, but localized reaction.
  • No bacteria will survive a direct attack, because of the increased effect. No danger for developing resistance.
  • The hydrogen peroxide will not activate before it hits a target and react with the biological markers. This again leads to oxidation and corrosion of piping systems occurs in no greater degree than other disinfectants.
  • Not activated hydrogen peroxide will slowly and naturally degrade to water and oxygen without affecting the nature and surrounding water.

We have a whole range of products that is included in the Oxyl-Pro family, and the uses of these products can be considered nearly infinite.


Oxyl-Pro Clean
A multi-purpose product
NSF/ANSI 60 Certified

Oxyl-Pro Agro
Agriculture & horticulture
NSF/ANSI 60 Certified

Oxyl-Pro Sanitiser
Home use, primarily small pools & hot tubs
NSF/ANSI 60 Certified

Oxyl-Pro Descaler & Sanitiser
Showerhead & line cleaning

Oxyl-Pro Marine

Oxyl-Pro Rind-Off
Cheese processing

Oxyl-Pro Pollo
Poultry & small livestock farming

Oxyl-Pro De-Slime
Fish processing