We have launched a line of environmentally friendly disinfectants for drinking water and water systems for seagoing vessels.  We are doing this in line with the Norwegian “Green Harbour” project, focused on energy and fuel efficiency, asking the question how green the harbour is when large quantities of environmentally toxic disinfectants are disposed of straight into the harbour. With Oxyl-Pro® we offer an environmentally friendly alternative to other chemical disinfectants.

Oxyl-Pro® is broken down into oxygen and water, both naturally and by activation, and will not leave any form of inorganic waste materials. Confirmed under the international MARPOL law on maritime waters, where by definition Oxyl-Pro is not “harmful to the marine environment” and can be discharged into the harbour.

Intervention in the environment can change the biological diversity and be a threat to the ecological Balance.

Sea- and water pollution
The water quality in fresh water and oceans needs to be maintained to preserve species and ecosystems.

The danger that toxins pile up in the food chain is a major concern. Preventative measures are therefore important.

Emission and use of health- and environmentally dangerous chemicals should not lead
to health issues.